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Dynamic design duo Lianne Moorgas and Max Waldron are the creative forces behind this design partnership with a combined 40 years’ experience in the industry.

Max and Lianne are well placed to offer clients a full interior service.

Concept, spatial planning, layout and mood is all part of the planning process offered to our clients. Taking space, use, lifestyle and budget into consideration, project specific advice is given.

Through close collaboration with project-specific suppliers, clients dream spaces are brought to life.

As every clients’ home is unique to them, every project is treated as bespoke. If ready-made items are not suitable, tailored pieces are designed to clients specifications. In-house CAD drawings allow for flexible design solutions to the most challenging spaces. Often new designs are even proto-typed for clients to “test-drive” before production. This allows changes to be made as and when needed to further ensure total satisfaction. From new build project conceptualizing to single room “make-overs”, every client is treated to the full Moorgas & Waldron experience.

Drawing from the mid-priced locally stocked South African Fabric ranges, to top-end international import brands, a wide range of price points are offered. Favouring a considered mix of local and imported fabrics, a polished scheme can be realized within a budget. The Courtyard 53 retail store also offers and ever-changing range of delicious gifting items, perfect for that special gift or simply accessorizing your space. A flexible, practical and accessable approach to design and decorating makes Moorgas and Waldron clients preferred choice for a life lived beautifully.

Our studio in Courtyard 53, 53 Constantia Main Road, Wynberg

Our studio in Courtyard 53, 53 Constantia Main Road, Wynberg


Home consultations

Putting together of “schemes” for proposed spaces

Incorporating existing furniture items into space, and optimizing their impact

Design and manufacture of new furniture items

Recover and upholstery of existing furniture


  • Lianne Moorgas
    Lianne MoorgasFounder & Designer

    Projects: Private Homes, Apartments and boutique hotels

    Design Icons: Ralph Lauren and Oscar de La Renta

    My inspirations: Travel ,fashion, Fragrances and colour.

    Loves: My family and friends, My Pekingese dogs ,Food and wine.

    Loathes: Cheap imported Chinese furniture that is destroying our footprint.

    My style is predominantly classical with touches of the Orient. The classical influence comes through in my approach to proportion and symmetry.

    I love mixing the old with the new, everything I do is bespoke, it has become my trademark.

  • Max Waldron
    Max WaldronFounder & Designer

    For Max, being a designer has been a delightful, if trying, fatal attraction. On a mission to change the world “One scatter cushion at a time”, he loathes clutter and minimalism in equal measures.

    The disabling inability to notice everything around him often leads to deep frustration. Beauty can reduce him to tears, and he hopefully never stops marveling at the wonders of life. His husband of twenty years, French poodles ‘Dolce and Gabanna’, and tight family and friends are the things that matter most.

    He fantasizes about being the South African ambassador to France, based in Paris naturally.
    Favourite quote:
    “What day is it?”, asked Winnie the Pooh
    “It’s today,” squeaked Piglet
    “My favorite day,” said Pooh